A person holding new lg q6 to take a photo of street performers.

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LG Q6: Full Screen, FullVision, Full of Possibilities

Impeccable, futuristic design, bezel-less FullVision display, and a 100-degree wide angle selfie camera are just some of the amazing features offered by the incredible LG Q6.

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Get Creative with the LG G6 Camera

The technology behind smartphone camera is advancing each day, and LG continues to lead the way with the LG G6.

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The Ultimate Viewing Experience on the LG G6

With Dolby Vision, exclusive premium gaming offers and Google Assistant at your disposal, the LG G6 will be sure to keep you entertained.

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The design of the LG G6: the basis for future smartphone line-ups

When designing the new LG G6, the FullVision display was at the heart of development. FullVision display practically fills the entire front surface.

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