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CES 2019: Rollable TV gives OLED new life

LG’s rollable TV took centre stage at CES 2019; check out all the details, from the immersive experience to the art show.

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CES 2017: LG Electronics earns ‘best of the best’ awards

At CES® 2017, LG Electronics wins over 120 awards including the revolutionary new LG SIGNATURE W7 OLED 4K TV. Best-of-show for the W7 and LG Smart InstaView™ refrigerator.

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CES 2017: The amazing floating speaker LG PJ9

A CES 2017 highlight was the LG PJ9 levitating portable speaker. A wireless speaker that hovers directly a Levitation Station. It is wirelessly charged. The speakers come in three versions – or without a levitation station.