LG Christmas gift ideas

By V Keller 29.11.2019

Need Christmas gift ideas? Look no further than LG! | More at LG MAGAZINE

Are you in the market for a Christmas present that will make someone feel extra special? LG’s got you covered.

From the latest and smartest tech, to gifts that will save you time and help you multitask… LG has it all this year. Check out our 2019 Christmas gift idea guide and find the perfect presents for all your loved ones! And maybe something for yourself too.

Gifts for film lovers


This is a huge gift, and if you’ve got a big budget in mind for that special someone it’s going to change their entertainment experience entirely. When it comes to watching a film the way the director intended, you can’t go past OLED. And particularly if your gift receiver has their eye on creating a cinema room, this would be the perfect wow-gift for them. Perfect blacks, incredible thinness, Dolby Vision & Atmos cinema experience… LG OLED has all the elements for the perfect cinema experience at home, and the person who receives this special gift will too.

An LG OLED TV is the perfect gift for someone who wants to experience movies like in the cinema | More at LG MAGAZINE
LG Soundbar

One of the best things about a soundbar is you can start with great quality sound and then build on it to get even more immersive and awe-inspiring. Take the LG Soundbar SL10YG for instance; this one slimline audio speaker will provide world class audio experience in collaboration with audio grand-masters Meridian, along with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Sound. But you can also couple it with an optional SPK8-S model, so you’ll have your gift list sorted for coming Christmases as well.

An LG OLED TV is the perfect gift for someone who wants to experience movies like in the cinema | More at LG MAGAZINE

Gifts for the multitasker

LG V50 ThinQ Dual Screen

The king of multitasking tech – carry the lightweight V50 around, and connect it to the dual screen when you need to get more done at once. You can email while you watch videos, chat to friends while you browse the web, check photo options as you take them and so much more. And if you’re into your gaming, you can take a break from the serious stuff with a gamepad on your second screen, creating an experience to rival any console.

The LG V50 ThinQ Dual Screen phone is the perfect Christmas gift for someone who needs to multitask | More at LG MAGAZINE
LG Washing Machine with AI DD

So, a washing machine might not be the most traditional Christmas gift, but if you know someone that needs to get their washing in order this is the model of dreams. It has an AI DD function that detects the weight and softness of your clothes to suggest the perfect wash cycle. There is a steam function to help get wrinkles out of your clothes, a TurboWash 360 feature to get your clothes clean in a record 39 minutes, and ThinQ capabilities so you can check you washing’s progress from your phone. What more could you want from your washer?

The LG Washing Machine comes equipped with AI that can detect your load of washing and pick the right cycle accordingly - the perfect Christmas present! | More at LG MAGAZINE

For the one who has it all


Is money no object for this person on your Christmas list? Then we’ve got the perfect TV for you. LG’s 8K OLED TV takes 8K to new levels. It delivers more colour, depth, and detail than ever before and as 8K content gets more common, you will be able to enjoy your favourite shows as though you’re a part of the action.

34” Ultragear 219 Curved QHD + Nano IPS

This is a great option for a gamer who wants to be completely immersed in their craft. The curved monitor spans 3440 x 1440 Resolution and boasts Nano IPS Display. It has more space for multitasking so you can keep track of your game whilst performing other tasks. The brightness, colour range and colour performance are also great, giving your gaming buddy a great new toy to add to their arsenal.

Life's Good!