New collaboration between BTS and LG G7 ThinQ: 7 features to rock your world

By V. Keller 08.05.2018

An image of BTS full shot to show new collaboration with LG G7 Thinq smart phone.

BTS come together with LG to give their verdict on the G7thinq’s best features.

The stunning success that BTS has had across the world has been unprecedented.

They have topped the iTunes charts in 73 countries, made history as the first K-pop band to reach number 7 in the Billboard 200 album charts, and sold out all 40 shows in their recent world tour covering 19 cities, selling out the US leg within minutes.

They’ve proven all the doubters wrong and then some.

So naturally, when LG released their latest flagship phone, the G7thinq, a new collaboration with BTS was on the cards. With some of the best audio quality on the market, there is no better way to listen to their latest tunes.

But it’s not just the great audio sound that led to this new collaboration between BTS and LG; there are many more features that the boys are loving while they’re on tour (and will make you feel like you’re on tour with them!).

They chose their favourites, and now we’re even more excited for the G7thinq release!

Jungkook’s pick: Super Bright Display
“I wanna see vividly wherever I go”

Life can be tough on the road, and when you’re stuck on a bus for hours between fan and press meetings, the super bright display means you’ll be entertained no matter how strong the sun shines through the window. The display consumes 30% less power than the LG G6, and the brightness level goes up to a whopping 1000nits – leaving you to enjoy the vivid display without worrying about battery loss.

An image of BTS Jung kook holding a LG G7 thinq smart phone to feature Super Bright Display.
Jimin’s pick: Google Lens
“I can’t help being curious”

LG is renowned for their great phone cameras, and now they’ve pushed the bar even higher by adding intelligence. And if you’re travelling the world like Jimin, having Google Lens by your side will make life that much easier. Learn more about what’s around you, search or shop online, and eve­­n translate things like signs or menus. All you have to do is point and click.

An image of BTS Jimin sitting on a chair with a puppy and holding a LG G7 thinQ smart phone to feature the Google Lens of LG G7 thinq smart phone.
J-Hope’s pick: Super Wide Angle Camera
“I wanna capture it all”

What is the best thing about going on tour? The memories you make of course. And what better way to capture them all than with the LG G7thinq Super Wide Angle Camera. BTS can certainly get a better selfie with all seven members when required. And likewise, when you take a selfie with your friends you don’t want anyone missing out.

An image of BTS j-hope taking picture with the rest of BTS members to feature Super Wide Angle Camera of LG G7 thinq smart phone.
Suga’s pick: Super Far Field Voice Recognition
“Sometimes I just don’t want to move a muscle”

“Hey Google, are you there?” … Now Google can hear you from even further away, with the speaker range increased to five meters and two microphones on the phone to enhance voice recognition and make it more accurate than ever before. So even if your phone is on the other side of the room, you can get assistance with a simple command!

An image of BTS suga lying on the bed to feature the Super Far Field Voice Recognition of LG G7 thinq smart phone.
RM’s pick: Boombox Speaker
“I want us to enjoy it together”

Sure, the concert was loud, but what happens when the lights go out and BTS want to keep the party going with some seriously powerful speakers? Turn up the bass with the Boombox speaker to experience a boost with big, room-filling sound. And the experience doesn’t stop there, with flashy lights adding to the fun.

An image of BTS RM sitting on a chair to feature the boombox speaker of LG G7 thinq smart phone.
V’s pick: Super Bright Camera
“For my epic pictures, even in the dark”

When you’re at a gig, the lighting isn’t always ideal for getting high-quality photos. But this won’t be an issue anymore thanks to the Super Bright Camera option, which, just like a low light camera, decides how dark the lighting is and increases the brightness of each shot.

An image of BTS V holding a LG G7 thinq smart phone to feature Super Bright Camera.
Jin’s pick: AI CAM
“I like to keep things simple”

With a camera so smart that it knows exactly what you’re looking at and automatically suggests the best filter and angle, you’ll be all set to join BTS on tour. Whether shooting landscapes, or portraits, food or even pets, the camera can guess what’s in your shot and act accordingly.

An image of BTS Jin holding a LG G7 thinq smart phone to feature the AI CAM

Let’s see what fun this new collaboration between BTS and LG G7thinq will bring!

Life’s good!