LG SIGNATURE at CES 2018: Inspired by the World’s Greatest Cities

By Divya Sehgal 19.01.2018

lg presented beautiful collection of new lg signature - city collaboration at ces 2018

Presenting the LG SIGNATURE Gallery at CES 2018, taking its inspiration from four major global cities: Dubai, Moscow, Milan and Sydney.

What do the great cities of the world have in common with LG appliances? Both are functional, beautiful, and demonstrate their own unique essence. This is exactly what LG SIGNATURE showcased at CES 2018. Taking inspiration from four major global cities, Dubai, Moscow, Milan, and Sydney, LG SIGNATURE collaborated with four accomplished photographers to highlight how the architecture of these cities relates to the artistic quality of LG SIGNATURE products.

LG SIGNATURE focuses on how minimalistic design creates harmony with look and spaces, and turns everyday functional pieces of home appliances into a piece of art. By collaborating with renowned photographers from the four global cities of Dubai, Moscow, Milan, and Sydney, LG SIGNATURE aimed to mirror each of their unique architecture with their products. Get ready to take a world tour and turn your home into a piece of great art.

Take inspiration from the cutting edge structures and spectacular skylines of Dubai and with LG SIGNATURE, add a touch of style and luxury to your home. Photographers Anthony Lamb and Dany Eid have captured the Middle Eastern city’s futuristic appeal with great elan.

From Dubai, move on to the history, diversity and greatness of Moscow. Konstantin Grimov juxtaposes the old world charm and legacy of the city with its fast-paced life that illuminates the future. LG SIGNATURE puts these features into limelight with the best of its home appliances.

Milan - the capital of fashion, elegance and sophistication. Photographer Settimio Benedusi ensured that he captured this city in its full glamour and artistic appeal. And LG SIGNATURE pays homage to this city that stands out for being a global trend capital with its avant-garde products. The perfect partner for a lifestyle rich in high art and fashion.

Lastly, LG SIGNATURE turns to the wonders of nature by taking inspiration from one of Australia’s largest cities, Sydney. The Sydney Opera House, an architectural marvel is itself based on bird wings and the shape of clouds, embodying the very ethos of LG SIGNATURE. Matthew Sleeth captures the true essence of Sydney which so heavily relies on the greatness of nature, helping LG SIGNATURE unleash a host of innovative products that showcase the city’s spirit.

LG SIGNATURE aims to bring culture, fashion, and art to homes and what better than the world around us to inspire and innovate. The world and its cities are a constant source of creativity, and LG SIGNATURE showcased that with their gallery display at CES 2018. Bask in the beauty of these great cities and be mesmerised by its architecture, so simple, so functional and yet so beautiful. Just like LG’s sleek home appliances that will give your home just the right hint of sophistication and elegance.

Discover the LG SIGNATURE products with their uncompromising performance and breathtaking beauty, from OLED TVs with a refined viewing experience, to refrigerators that match your lifestyle, to clean and minimalistic washers, and air purifiers for gentle breathing. These products match the SIGNATURE styles and essence of these four global cities. 

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