English modern living done right, with Ashley Hicks and LG SIGNATURE

By V. Keller 26.04.2018

Ashley Hicks and his wife in their living room of their Oxfordshire home, with fireplace, antique chairs and numerous pieces of art

Groundbreaking designer Ashley Hicks welcomed LG into his beautiful home, to showcase how modern English living should be done with the LG SIGNATURE series in tow.

Iconic stylist Rachel Zoe once said ‘style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’. In the case of debonair designer Ashley Hicks, his personality shines through the walls of his extravagant and uniquely-styled English homes.

Ashley and wife Katalina Sharkey de Solis often take sanctuary from London in their country house in Oxfordshire, which is fit for a fabulous and somewhat eccentric English King (and Queen).

Originally owned by his father, the late legendary interior designer David Hicks, the home’s style is befitting of LG SIGNATURE; a wondrous fusion of form, function and design that defines the essence of what makes life good.

“I have a greedy eye, and I like to look at as much as possible,” Ashley quips as he walks around the lavishly decorated space, bursting with colourful detail.

So what wisdom can Ashley bestow on one to live like an art, design and interior-loving Englishman? To surround oneself with the upmost in beauty and innovative technology, of course!

A lifetime’s experience in design has made Ashley rather clued-up on how to transform necessary items into art that speaks to your soul. And with LG SIGNATURE by his side, no man will be left ill-equipped when an English friend stops by unannounced.

Create an air of royalty around you

Should you be headed to London to see the sights, you can’t miss the opportunity to check out the English countryside in your travels. “I love to get out of London,” Ashley reveals, “the whole point of living in the country is all the fresh air. Especially when you can have it inside.” Thankfully, the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier makes sure the air in your house achieves countryside-like quality.

Always have refreshments on hand

The English are famous for their ability to throw a smashing party; from the food, to the decorations and the stylish and sophisticated atmosphere. If you are planning your own afternoon garden-style gathering, make sure you pull out all the stops. Scones, finger sandwiches and only the most fabulous pastries will do.

And we mustn’t forget the tea! Make sure to include the very best leaves in a selection that will have guests wanting to taste every flavour. Hicks adds, “One never knows when one might have to entertain guests, so it’s always wise to keep a well-stocked fridge.”

And what better fridge to have on hand than the LG SIGNATURE InstaView Door-in-Door™ Refrigerator? With knock-on glass, you can show your guests the delicious English treats before they’re served, without opening the door and inflicting ghastly cold air on their faces.

Ashley Hicks standing in his dining room with the LG SIGNATURE instaview door-in-door refrigerator in the kitchen

Showcase a house where people feel at home

Ashley contends that in order to have a space worth showing off, there are elements that must always be in place and in perfect unison. “An Englishman’s home should express its owners’ personalities, reveal their loves and fascinations, be comfortable and relaxing to live in and [be] beautiful to look at.”

If you are planning a party, make sure your home is something that will get the neighbours talking – from the art on the walls, to the décor and appliances!

Dress the part to look the part

What you wear must always make a statement, according to Ashley. “I like to have beautiful patterns and clothes,” he says. “Always make an effort to look sharp and elegant. You never know who might turn up.”

In order to get your wardrobe into tip-top condition, you don’t need household staff – Ashley insists they are “unnecessary these days” – you can simply take your clothes to task with the LG SIGNATURE TWINWash™ washing machine. Two loads can be done simultaneously in 49 minutes, keeping you looking ‘sharp and elegant’ should guests turn up by surprise.

Ashley Hicks with his hand on the LG SIGNATURE TWINWash washing machine with a pile of laundry in the background

Check out more tips from Ashley and Kata on English living in the below video. The LG SIGNATURE Series fits perfectly into their luxurious surroundings, merging modernity with traditional roots, a unique flare and innovative technology.

Life’s good!