LGness: LG branding gets a sleek new look

By S.M.Swanson 03.09.2017

A image of new lg brand philosophy 'lg-ness' key visual with lg signature twinwash washing machine product

LG is launching a new visual language to take a step closer to LG’s audience. Read all about LG’s philosophy that revolves around people, sincerity and the essentials of life.

There’s something meaningful about decluttering your life from time to time. It gives you time to sit back and think about what is important. It’s a way to say: “I’m focusing on the essentials. I’m thinking about what matters.”

LG has done the same and is reaching out to their most discerning consumers. There’s less clamour and flashy signs to get anyone and everyone’s attention. Instead, LG is getting down to the essentials of what each product means and how it makes you feel. Beautiful, modern and authentic imagery is communicated to exemplify the core of LG’s products.  

It all comes down to LG’s essential brand values. One of the fundamental values they hold can be described as “simple yet elegant, impressive yet understated.” This aesthetic starts with the LG products—the kind of home essentials that fit right into the simple yet elegant, impressive yet understated home. When de-cluttering your home, sleek and minimalist home appliances keep surfaces smooth and unbroken, add clean lines to spaces, and add to the general mood of serenity.

LG’s brand values, when summed up broadly, speak to three main areas: People, sincerity, and the fundamentals. How can the brand reflect progressiveness, staying engaged with the modern interests and passions of the people it serves? How can it do this in an authentic, sincere way? And how can it innovate while also continuing to cover the basics of long-standing quality and ease of use?

This is how LG came up with the concept of “LGness”—a way to encapsulate everything that LG stands for in a brand essence, a philosophy. Innovation itself is part of this philosophy, meaning that newness and looking forward are all part of what it means to have LGness. The new look is the visual language to communicate LGness to the public.

Neutral tones, minimalist photography and clean, simple fonts are the building blocks of this language. If you work in design, you may already know this: Visual design communicates so much more than just a vague feeling. 

LG wants to communicate with clarity to their customers. It’s clean and modern—it’s de-cluttered. It’s calm and refined. The photography, the font, layout and design of the LGness material exemplifies this all. You really have to admire designers for interpreting a philosophy into visual language.

Maybe we can all use a little reminder to clear some space not just in our homes, but also in our busy days and in our minds. Take a five-minute break and breathe some fresh air. Close your eyes for one minute and trying counting out all the seconds in your head. Tidy up one corner of your workspace and write a little note to yourself: “I’m focusing on the essentials. I’m thinking about what matters.”

Life's Good!