Everything you need to know about 8K content

By Adrian Back 15.01.2020

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Discover all the benefits of 8K resolution televisions and find out why it is set to completely change the entertainment industry.

With a range of ultra-high resolution televisions now hitting the market, it seems the 8K revolution has arrived. But why exactly should we be excited about 8K and what does this mean for the future of TV? Well, to start, it means witnessing the clearest picture you’re ever likely to see. 

It is four times the resolution of Full HD and double that of 4K, measuring 7680x4320, meaning images are composed of a staggering 33 million pixels. That means you will be able to see details in TV shows and movies that no other television can offer. 

an 8K comparison chart to 4K and HD quality TV | More at LG MAGAZINE

And these extra pixels really do matter as they help to create a breathtaking picture that has to be seen to be believed. Which is exactly why filmmakers have already begun to shoot using 8K cameras. 

At IFA Berlin earlier this year 8K content was already being showcased at the IFA Next exhibition, while in 2020 8K content will be broadcast throughout Japan for 12 hours a day. Streaming service provider Rakuten TV has also penned a deal with IMAX Enhanced for content and plans to introduce a host of 8K content. 

With the planned introduction of 5g mobile networks in numerous countries next year, which will offer unparalleled connection speeds, greater capacity and lower latency, 8K content will also be easier to stream and download. 

And when 8K is combined with LG OLED technology, which delivers a super-fast response time and infinite contrast ratio, the future of 8K televisions looks suitably absorbing. So here’s what we can expect to get excited about from the groundbreaking technology in the months and years ahead. 

Breathtaking Hollywood blockbusters

Ushering in this new era of picture perfection will be a host of Hollywood hits that take full advantage of the 8K resolution. Some of the biggest directors in the world have already begun experimenting with the technology, including James Gunn who used a cutting-edge Red Dragon Weapon 8K VV camera to shoot Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. 

This then had to be downgraded to 4K or even 2K for certain cinemas, but in the near future picture houses will be fully equipped for 8K projection. This could well be in time for the release of The New Mutants, a superhero horror film based on the Marvel Comics team of the same name, has already been shot in 8K and is set to be released in early 2020. 

While it may take some time for your cinema to upgrade to 8K, any film shot in this resolution can be viewed in full glory through televisions such as the LG SIGNATURE Z9 OLED TV. Featuring an 88-inch screen, it features Real 8K, which allows each individual pixel to appear separate and distinct to the eyes. This Contrast Modulation of more than 90% results in exceptional colour, detail and contrast. 

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Perfect for movie makers

It is not just big-budget studios who will be able to film in 8K as there are a number of cameras available for amateurs. For adrenaline junkies and adventurers, both the GoPro Omni VR and Insta360 Pro can shoot in 8K resolution, while the Canon 8K Cinema Camera is set to arrive early next year. 

These will allow content creators to produce stunning works that can be best viewed on LG 8K TVs. Alternatively, for those with deeper pockets, the RED Weapon Monstro 8K camera can be equipped to a drone to create breathtaking shots of rural and urban landscapes.

Get closer to the action in Japan

2020 is going to be a big year for Japan, and when it comes to 8K coverage, the country will be at the forefront with their very own dedicated channel. 

The country has been experimenting with 8K content for some time and is set to launch an 8K television channel called NHK which will broadcast for 12 hours a day, every day.

It will not be the first time Takeshi Shibasaki, the producer behind the NHK live broadcast, has shot in 8K as he produced a documentary in 2016 on Antarctica. Such was the quality of the 8K content that new mysterious species were revealed. 

Perfect for content creators

Given the success of video streaming platforms, it should come of no surprise that 8K content was quickly embraced by a whole range of creators. Vimeo added support for 8K back in November 2017 and already has more than 6,000 videos, while YouTube also boasts thousands of videos with the ultra-high resolution. 

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A gamers’ dream

There is no doubt that 8K will have a huge impact on the world of gaming, whether it is utilised on consoles or through PCs. Crystal clear images and breathtaking graphics will take gaming to the next level. Just imagine playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey or The Last of Us 2 on an 8K TV. 

When money is no issue, the LG 8K OLED Z9 TV could emerge as the ultimate gaming monitor as the 88-inch screen features superb detail levels that give the picture even more depth. This makes for a far more immersive gaming experience. 

Alternatively, the LG NanoCell 8K TV - SM99 comes with a slightly lesser price tag, but still features a High Frame Rate and has a a2 Gen processor that delivers more vivid and accurate colours. This incredible detail and fast processing will come in particularly helpful when playing first-person shooters and may even help lead to more victories in Fortnite and Overwatch. 

8K OLED will bring a new dawn of gaming technology, creating lifelike images and minimising lag so you get the edge over your rivals | More at LG MAGAZINE
Upscale for the ultimate picture quality

While it may take some time before we see an abundance of 8K content being made readily available, fortunately LG’s 8K TV line-up features built-in upscaling technology. This boosts the quality of 1080p and 4K sources, meaning your favourite blockbusters and TV series receive a serious upgrade. 

And with the LG 8K OLED Z9 TV featuring an 88-inch screen, you’ll get the full effect of the upscaling in quality, meaning films like Gemini Man, The Lion King and Avengers: Endgame will look better than ever before.

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