LG TVs are more connected than ever – thanks to Google, Amazon and Apple

By Benedict Smith 09.12.2019

All you have to do is say 'OK Google' and your LG TV will follow your voice commands - it's as simple as that! | More at LG MAGAZINE

LG’s innovation and integration holds the key to creating a smart home.

Isn’t it ironic that some of the technology devices we buy to make life simple can, if we’re not careful, end up making things needlessly complicated?

Look around many households today and you might find a Google Assistant device, maybe even an Amazon Echo. Meanwhile, lots of homes nowadays are hooked up with Apple AirPlay capability too. 

You see, the irony is, these technologies - which are truly innovative in their own right - haven’t always integrated with your smart TV. Not only does this prevent you from enjoying all the benefits these devices are now built for, but it can also make controlling your television somewhat of a chore. 

Look at it like this: if your Google Assistant or Amazon Echo won’t speak to your TV, that refuses to talk back (metaphorically speaking of course), perhaps your so-called ‘smart home’ isn’t so smart after all. 

LG is breaking barriers

This is a problem that LG has recognised and solved. By collaborating with a number of the world’s leading brands, LG’s latest AI devices connect with some of the cleverest technology products on the market. In particular, LG’s state-of-the-art TVs which, for many of us, make up the focal point of our living space, are engineered to help make your home smart in the truest sense. 

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Speak to your LG TV, it listens.

Take the LG AI ThinQ TV, for example - your home’s new command centre. With built-in Artificial Intelligence, this super-smart TV boasts Google Assistant integration, which means you can control it and other compatible smart home devices through the power of your voice.

Whether you want to switch on the morning news, organise your diary or order your weekly food shop online, you can. All you need to do is speak into the LG Magic Remote and tell Google what to do. By talking into this wand, you’re even able to control your robotic vacuum cleaner and adjust your smart lighting and heating appliances.

Seamless streaming

LG’s ability to integrate with smart devices doesn’t stop there. Far from it actually. Linking up with Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit apps, LG’s smart TVs can be controlled via your iPhone and iPad by speaking to ‘Siri.’ You can also stream content directly to your LG smart TV in just the tap of a button. 

As the first global TV manufacturer to support Apple HomeKit, this partnership is proof - if ever it was needed - that LG is leading the way when it comes to enabling the smart home. 

Have a home full of Apple products? Simply connect your Apple Homekit to your LG TV and you'll be good to go | More at LG MAGAZINE
Just ask ‘Alexa’

LG’s smartest products also pair with the popular Amazon Echo, along with a range of other home devices that benefit from the ever so attentive AI assistant, ‘Alexa.’ Similar to integration with Google and Apple, simply link your LG ThinQ device up to your Amazon Echo and politely ask Alexa to do the rest - from changing channels and playing and pausing programmes, to switching your TV on and off.

As technology becomes smarter, the opportunity it presents to make our lives more convenient has undoubtedly become greater. And by creating products that work harmoniously with other technologies, LG TVs are helping to release the full potential of your smart home.

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