The LG NeoChef™ at the heart of a battle among culinary bloggers!

By LG France 19.12.2016

A front view of LG NeoChef microwave

Do you think cooking delicious food and making creative dishes with the microwave oven is impossible? Our new LG NeoChef™ will prove you wrong! Do you have to see it to believe it? So, have a look. We worked with the cooking site Marmiton for a culinary challenge with 5 influencers.

The new LG NeoChef™ pushes the boundaries of conventional cooking appliances. With a design created for intuitive use and a subtle touch of minimalism, you will clearly give in to it. It also features the LG Smart Inverter for more precise and powerful cooking than conventional models (up to 1200 watts). This technology effectively preserves nutrients and the taste of the food, as well.

For the occasion, Frenchement Bon, L’atelier de Roxane, Un déjeuner de soleil, AKalie and Dorian Cuisine responded to our challenge: to bake a potato gratin and apple pie! After 1 hour and 30 minutes, after peeling, mincing, whipping, kneading, cooking and dressing; Christophe Duhamel, founder of Marmiton and Stéphane Curtelin, Director of Marketing of LG France, tried the recipes. The bloggers judged on taste, aesthetics, and originality, and of course, the use of the LG NeoChef™!

"The dishes presented by our 5 experts surprised us. It's impressive to see the quality of a dish using only a single cooking appliance like the microwave oven LG NeoChef ™. The precision of the cooking of each recipe made our decision very difficult" said Curtelin. "It’s both fun, interesting and logical for Marmiton to join an appliance manufacturer, because we share the same goal of empowering the kitchen every day for many. " Explains Christophe Duhamel.

The jury decided for Aurélie KALT of the blog AKalie, who won the competition – thanks to her willingness to take risks! We asked her what she thought: "I believe it was about being very inventive, everything was about originality ... Upon hearing the rave reviews of other dishes, I never expected to win. The atmosphere throughout the contest was very good and the jokes were flying. Thanks to LG and Marmiton for this organisation with fair evaluations, which made the day great for all of us." 

And enjoy the new release of the video from LG Australia on NeoChef. Simply amazing!

Life’s Good!