Your ultimate V40 ThinQ camera guide

By V. Keller 06.02.2019

The LG V40ThinQ boasts cine shot mode, so you can create video and photo mash-ups | More at LG MAGAZINE

The V40 ThinQ camera has so many features, the hardest part will be deciding which effect to take advantage of.

With the release of the LG V40ThinQ comes a set of five whole new cameras to play with. Check out all the cool things you can do, from creating video and photo mash ups to choosing between different angles, or taking pictures with all three.

Triple preview and Triple Shot

Thanks to three cameras on the rear of the V40ThinQ, you can now view your photo from three different angles before deciding which one suits the moment best. As you aim your photo, you will get a live preview of all three rear cameras so you can see a standard angle, super-wide angle and telephoto zoom. Seeing a preview from all three cameras is definitely a one-of-a-kind, but taking photos consecutively with the Triple Shot offers an even cooler photography experience. It can also produce an animation of the zoom all the way to the super wide-angle photo – it’s only one click away.

You get three different viewpoints with LG V40ThinQ, including telephoto zoom, standard and super wide-angle | More at LG MAGAZINE
Cine shot

Create movement in your photo only where you want it – if you have a picture with moving shadows, or a lot of things going on and you want to concentrate on one element, cine shot is an artistic way to make this happen. After you take your photo, you can highlight the area you want to move and then cine shot will do the rest. It’s the kind of effect that was once only possible with sophisticated photo editing software, and can now be executed with ease. You can save the Cine Shot either as a video clip or even a an animated GIF, for instant Facebook/Whatsapp sharing.

The LG V40ThinQ boasts cine shot mode, so you can create video and photo mash-ups | More at LG MAGAZINE
Portrait mode

Forget about learning advanced photo editing to capture your best self – the V40ThinQ has you covered when you want to take the perfect selfie. Simply select portrait mode and a circle will form around the item in the foreground (like your face if it is a selfie). Then choose from a number of colourful backgrounds, blur it altogether or even create your own, so your photos can have a touch of creativity.

Meanwhile, there are also 3D lighting effects, including Natural, Softbox, Stage and Stage Mono, so you will have the perfect lighting for every shot. These are types of lighting that are normally only possible at the hands of professionals; and now you can use them without the bulky carry-on. Just choose your option from the lighting section of the camera mode and you’re good to go.

The 3D lighting effect allows you to choose the perfect lighting for every moment - without expensive equipment and complicated photo editing | More at LG MAGAZINE

Sometimes when you take a picture, the dark and light parts within the frame mix together and create an incorrect average light for the final image. But with the V40ThinQ’s HDR option, you can capture the vivid details of both the dark and light parts of your picture at the same time. It takes about half a second longer to get the shot, but sometimes the best things are worth waiting for.

A before and after shot using the HDR feature, available on the LG V40ThinQ | More at LG MAGAZINE
Market-leading video features

Content creators have always spoken highly of LG’s video features and the V40ThinQ is no exception. The video can shoot at up to 60fps at 4K resolution. You can also have great control over both the audio and visual quality in manual mode, including a wind noise filter for when you’re filming outside. It’s all part of LG’s aim to help people create videos and photos they’ll love without expensive and complicated equipment.

LG have also added further functionality to the Slo-Mo mode. Have a blast recording in slow motion with sound. After the recording is done, select what part of the video to be in Slo-Mo, and even add a soundtrack to accompany the video with the Quick Video Editor. It’s fun, fast and easy, generating a professional look in seconds.

So there you have it - with so many camera features, you’ll never get bored of the V40ThinQ. Check out some of these great shots from Len Vos for inspiration. All were shot on a V40ThinQ, and really capture the moment with stunning and breathtaking quality.

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