The LG XBOOM line up took centre stage at IFA once more in 2019, looking as good as they sounded | More at LG MAGAZINE


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Wir haben die Form unseres 

Galaxy Smartphones 

verändert und damit eine 

Form für die Zukunft erschaffen.

Ein Galaxy wie es noch nie zuvor eines gab. Das Galaxy Fold 5G definiert eine ganz neue Kategorie von Galaxy Smartphones.Entdecke, wie das Galaxy Fold 5G eine ganz neue Seite für die Entwicklung von Smartphones aufschlägt. Heute entfaltet sich die Galaxy-Zukunft mit dem Galaxy Fold 5G. 

Promote an intelligent lifestyle

We aim to help you pursue a healthy and connected lifestyle, by launching cutting-edge products with environmental changes in mind. We will also develop initiatives which put the planet’s health at the forefront, such as renewable energy and electric vehicles.

A family enjoys the stunning forest in the sun - that's our hope for the future as we work towards a more sustainable world | More at LG MAGAZINE

A solar panel set up, with blue sky in the background. LG are working towards a more solar, and sustainable, future | More at LG MAGAZINE

Achieve zero carbon and a circular economy

We aim to produce more environmentally-conscious products with reduced environmental impact. To achieve this ambitious goal, we will decrease and neutralise our carbon emissions within our manufacturing process as well as increasing renewable energy usage.

We also plan on promoting a circular economy to enhance the productivity of our natural resources, by recycling wastes within the production process and collecting e-waste for proper recycling after use.