Keeping your smart home devices safe with ThinQ

By Wendy Clack 07.08.2019

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Your home might be smart, but is it safe? With ThinQ you will not have to worry about hacks and data security. Find out why.

Homes are getting smarter all the time. And it won’t be long before your whole home is connected.

In fact, Cisco predicts that by the year 2030, there will be 50 billion devices connected to the internet. To put that into perspective, there will only be 8.5 billion people.

It’s easy to see why smart home systems are becoming increasingly popular. 

Who wouldn’t want to change the thermostat, start a load of laundry, and check inside the fridge all from an app?

But smart home systems can come at a cost: your privacy. This new Internet of Things (IoT) can leave devices open to security problems. 

And with high-profile data leaks happening regularly, it’s no wonder consumers are worried about protecting their information. 

How to make your devices secure

So how can you guard your smart home system? Start by choosing devices with the highest security standards.

For example, all LG ThinQ products have strict end-to-end security protocols in place to protect your data.

Our developers use tools like enhanced cryptographic algorithms and authentication – advanced ways to keep your information safe.

But security goes far beyond the device; many IoT threats come from external parties. That’s why we have a Product Security Response Team that constantly looks for any third-party threats and shuts them down. 

Make sure you choose devices from a company that focuses on security. That way, you can enjoy your smart home system with peace of mind. 

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Keep your data safe

Don’t be afraid to ask an IoT device company how your data will be used. You need to make sure you’re comfortable – especially because home is such a personal place.

At LG, we don’t collect or store customer profile information. We only gather general data about usage; that way, we can make our products work harder and smarter for you.

We also comply with various government and industry regulations like Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

We belong to the Open Connectivity Foundation, a group of 400 members that manufacture IoT devices. It sets privacy standards for the whole industry. 

And were glad to be part of it. But it’s not enough for us. We hold ourselves to far higher security standards than any regulations require. 

It’s smart to understand what data is collected about you, and if the device maker complies with best practice standards.

What about the operating system (OS)?

A major part of device security is the operating system it uses. 

For example, our LG ThinQ devices run on our own system, WebOS. Other system examples are iOS and Android. 

WebOS is open source software, which means other developers are free to modify and share it. That way, a greater number of smart devices (like robots and cars) will be compatible with LG products – giving consumers more choice for their connected homes.

But open source certainly doesn’t mean the wild west. Developers are restricted to just the public side of WebOS. The private side is only accessible by authorized applications.

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The next step in security

When it comes to security, hackers never rest. And neither do we.

In fact, we are working on an even stronger platform to enhance security at every stage from the server to the user. It will be a core part of all future LG ThinQ devices, including cars.

We take security and privacy very seriously, and will never stop looking for more ways to keep your data safe.

Can you trust the Internet of Things?  

Some people fear that smart devices are vulnerable just by being connected to the internet. And there’s truth to that. The nature of the internet means no experience (on any device) is completely risk free.

But if you choose a company like LG, you can be sure your home is set up with the most secure devices on the market.

You don’t have to choose between privacy and convenience. 

With an LG ThinQ smart home system, you can have it all: elegance, ease and security. 

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