BTS take the reins to create LG Q7 BTS Edition

By V. Keller 16.10.2018

The LG Q7 BTS Edition, with special BTS logo on the backside and BTS-themed headphones

After collaborating on the LG G7 ThinQ , BTS got a taste for the perfect phone. Now, they’ve created their very own version, with the Q7 BTS Edition taking the mobile world by storm.

Designed for the best, by the best

BTS have made no secret of their gratitude to their fans, who have taken them to global heights that no K-pop band in history has reached. When they were given the opportunity to design a phone for those who made their success possible, they wanted to do it right. “We decided to create a phone that combines the heart of LG and BTS,” RM said in a recent interview.

BTS wanted to provide their fans with exclusive and unique content; values which are synonymous with LG’s innovations. And with these two forces joining together, the result was always going to spectacular; a one of a kind device that gives you your BTS fix whenever you are.

Get woken up by BTS

With the Q7 BTS Edition, you can choose to receive a wakeup or goodnight call from your favourite band member. Each have recorded a message to either get you starting your day with a smile on your face, or relaxing and ready to enter dreamland (with BTS no doubt). 

The LG Q7 BTS edition comes equipped with morning wake up calls, like this one from v - 'wake up, wake up you sleepy head!'
Making sure they’re always on your mind

As well as the wake up and goodnight calls, you can use personally written messages from BTS as emojis. They also did a special photoshoot, dedicated to the Q7 phone, which is easily accessible from the home screen with exclusive shots. And speaking of the home screen, there are seven themes already loaded so you can choose your style and have BTS on hand whenever you unlock the phone with your fingerprint.

There are 25 different wallpapers in total, and you can set them to change randomly so your home screen is always fresh. And you can even take special selfies designed by the band members themselves. You’ll feel like their number one roadie in no time.

The perfect packaging for the perfect phone

With a sleek and sophisticated box, you know you’re in for a treat from the moment you purchase this special edition phone. The inside contains a black covering with BTS logo, as well as a unique BTS-designed charger and headphones. No one will be second guessing who your favourite band is when you’ve got the Q7 BTS Edition by your side.

The LG Q7 BTS Edition set, including special BTS box, logo on phone, charger and headphones
Durable and made to last

The Q7 BTS Edition has passed 14 different 810G military standard tests, including elements like temperature, environmental extremes, pressure, vibration and shock as well as salt, sand, dust and water immersion. BTS wanted to make sure that their fans got value for money with their purchase, and IP68 water and dust resistance leave no doubt that this phone is one that will last.

See the phone up close at BTS’s concert

BTS needed somewhere to show off their special Q7 Edition – and what place could be better than where all their fans are congregating, on their European tour? With an LG experience gallery, virtual video and photo booth and LG sound experience zone, you’ll get all things BTS and LG with the very best style and innovation at your fingertips. Join BTS for a photoshoot – virtually of course – and play with the Q7 BTS Edition while surrounded by LG’s Boombox and mobile ranges.

Other LG products will be on show too, including Pocket Photo which allows you to take pictures and immediately print copies for you and your friends. The Styler will also make an appearance – that’s the wardrobe which J Hope recently revealed ‘air washes’ his pajamas.

And the LG OLED TV range will also be there, giving BTS the crisp colour contrast and perfect blacks they need to set a rocking mood for the entire studio.

Tickets for the BTS Studio, sponsored by LG and set up at the band's European concerts to showcase the LG Q7 BTS Edition
Keeping all the great features of the Q7

BTS have certainly created a phone that fans will fall in love with at first sight. But the core of the Q7 BTS Edition has all the elements that make the Q7 the band’s phone of choice. Such features include 5.5” FHD+FullVision display, special portrait mode, high speed autofocus, DTS:X surround sound and more. It’s got everything you need in a killer smartphone, while the added bonus of BTS’s collaboration is the cherry on the cake.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the LG Q7 BTS Edition now and find out what they’ve got in store for you.

Are you attending a BTS concert in Europe? Head to the BTS Studio presented by LG and get a shot of yourself with the hashtag #BTSSTUDIObyLG.

Life’s good!