Discover IFA: Europe's top electronics trade show

By T.RO 29.08.2017

A front view image of IFA at Messe in Berlin, Germany.

There must be reasons why IFA is considered the premier electronics trade show in Europe. Find out why this is an event that you can't afford to miss.

So, what is this IFA? It is Europe's largest and most prestigious consumer electronics trade show. Translated as "International radio exhibition Berlin," or the "Berlin Radio Show," it may seem like a strange name for Europe's premier and innovative electronics exhibition. However, it actually points to the incredible history and heritage of one of Europe's oldest trade shows. 

The inaugural IFA dates back to 1924. It was created to offer exhibitors an opportunity to showcase and announce their latest products and innovations to the general public. During those early years, the now rarely used radio was the height of technology and the main attraction. Even back then, IFA was considered the preeminent trade show for the time and had the privilege of hosting Albert Einstein to open the trade show in 1930.

Discover IFA: Europe's top electronics trade show.

Fast forward to today, IFA will play host to leading technology companies across the globe. Last year over 1800 exhibitors were present and enthusiastically greeted by a staggering 240,000 visitors. People attend this trade show to be well informed of the most current technological developments of top consumer brands. Stepping back to 2016, where people were left awestruck and speechless by the incredible LG OLED tunnel. Such an incredible and innovative way of showcasing of technology leaving audiences coming for more as each year goes on. 

The event takes place in Berlin, which opens up Europe's principal regional market to all of Europe and to the rest of the world. This incredible melting pot for major retailers, buyers, and tech gurus is a perfect hub for those seeking a comprehensive overview of international markets and the attention of global trade visitors. The fruit of all these interactions will result in the most exciting technology of today while more advancement for the future are plotted. 

IFA is not only the leading platform for today's technology but also the incubator of development for future trends and advancements. IFA TecWatch format has now given birth to IFA NEXT for the first time. Summits, keynotes, and conferences will be hosted  to highlight the future of technology, business, and lifestyle. IFA Next will be a hub for researchers, industry pros, startups and retailers to share knowledge, information and industry information. 

Every year IFA hosts superstars in the industry as keynote speakers and this year is no different. Pieter Nota, the CMO of Philips will kick off IFA keynote event. He will share how Artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the Internet of Things will be critical both in medical technology as well as user experience in consumer products. Also look out for Peter Han, Vice President, Partner devices and Solutions at Microsoft Corporations. He will discuss the innovation concerning voice, Mixed Reality and Artificial intelligence. 

Looking for something more interactive and diversified? Look no further than IFA Summit. This year the summit is divided into four clusters that examine The Next Level of Interaction, Intelligence, Experience, and Society. The clusters will be partitioned in that particular order. 

Interaction will delve into the Internet of Things and wearable digital healthcare. Intelligence will naturally look at the implications of Artificial intelligence, Big Data, and smart homes. Experience will take a closer look at virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Finally, society will explore online learning, social networks, virtual working, digital cities and the impact of digitalization. 
Exhibitors will showcase new and innovative technologies they’ve developed, including LG Electronics so, be on the look out!

Still looking for something more? Concerts featuring the music by Yello or Silbermond in the picturesque Sommergarten might pique your interest. If music not your thing, sip on some German beer while munching on some delectable sausages! IFA Oktoberfest will take place directly under the famous radio tower. Electronics, gadgets, networking, music, beer and food all in one event! What else are you looking for? Make sure not to miss out on IFA this year!

*This year's IFA takes place September 1st to 6th 2017 and is open daily 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. The tickets can be purchased online here:

Make sure to catch LG Electronics as they host various zones, showcasing their latest product developments in the Mobile, Home Appliances, and Home entertainment sectors and more. Stay tuned for further updates!

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