Welcome to the future! Welcome to IFA 2017!

By Nuno Cristino 02.09.2017

An image of presenting new LG Airstar; a robot cleaner for airports at Berlin IFA 2017.

The future happens here! IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) is the leading trade fair for entertainment electronics in Europe. And here we will offer visitors a stunning first-hand experience of LG’s leading technology and innovative products.

At IFA, LG´s presence always attracts those who love seeing new things unveiled—and we give those people a glimpse of innovation at its best. We occupy a stunning area that walks visitors through innovative products and leading technologies, where the stars are the LG’s “Wallpaper” TV, the LG V30, the LG SmartThinQ™ and LG SIGNATURE areas.  The future is already here and you are welcome to step in.

Everything starts here: the attention-grabbing OLED tunnel. It’s the ultimate jaw-dropping feature and a must-see at IFA. It provides a vivid experience through mesmerising video contents and sound effects. 

An image of new 2017 LG OLED tunnel at Berlin IFA 2017.

Keep walking a bit further and you will reach the TV zone. Here you’ll see the ultra-thin OLED panel unit, while a live demonstration shows you just how easy it is to install. We are willing to bet that the incredible colour accuracy from Nano Cell TV line-up will be a true head turner. And you can bet, too! On top of that, literally, you will find the kinetic model with circular spheres showcasing the technology behind the Nano cell TV.

Moreover, in the experience zone two participants can witness how important a 60-degree angle point is for the ultimate and accurate viewing experience. Just come over and try it for yourself!

Don’t look away, because what happens next is something to behold. To everyone’s surprise, we can make the display rotate into a cone to boast the paper-thin design and excellent display quality of the OLED TV W7. It was unthinkable, until we thought about it.

Brace yourself as you reach the V30 zone - LG’s most awaited smartphone - unveiled the day before IFA 2017 in a livestream event. Its well-known high quality camera and video has been elevated to another level complemented with an unimaginable sound technology. The new LG Premium Smartphone V30 impresses with a display of organic light-emitting diodes. It’s a feast for the eyes.

Continue to the Premium Living area, where we’ll showcase the most innovative LG home appliances. In order to do so, we’ll bring you a premium dining space with forward-thinking kitchen appliances, including the LG InstaView Door-in-Door™ refrigerator along with its display kit that shows the history behind its development and, thinking about making your life easier, we also introduce the total clothing care system (washing, drying, and styling) with the LG TWINWash™ and LG Style.

How about getting things done in and around the house by using your voice? It’s certainly the future—but now it’s the present too! It’s SmartThinQ our IoT voice-controlled smart appliances as well as robots. It may sound like science fiction, but every single one of LG's smart appliances around the house, be it the oven, robot vacuum cleaner or washing machines, learn their patterns and adjust its use of these appliances accordingly the more time they spend with users.

One of the highlights of the day will surely be the Cooking Show, where—yep, you guessed it—we will be showing off the performance of LG’s built-in appliances while preparing authentic dishes from the Michelin-star chef.

Kolja Kleeberg, will be staring at a constellation of ingredients that he’ll transform into fantastic creations using LG’s technology to amaze 20 hungry visitors at a time with a 3 courses meal prepared in under 20 minutes.

But the amazement doesn’t stop here! Finally, move up to the LG SIGNATURE Gallery on the top floor. There you can grab a drink, admire the Celestial Elements art-installation by Joseph Bruges Studio, spawned by each LG SIGNATURE product, and hear how a docent showcases and shares the captivating stories that inspired the ultra premium lifestyle experience with LG SIGNATURE products like the LG SIGNATURE OLED 4K W7 television, LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier, LG SIGNATURE TwinWash washing machine and LG SIGNATURE InstaView refrigerator. By combining LG’s most forward-thinking innovations, LG SIGNATURE represents the pinnacle of design, performance and usability in home appliances.

See you at IFA2017!

Life's Good!