IFA 2018: SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE makes its mark on European luxury kitchen appliance market

By Sarah Fox 06.09.2018

IFA 2018: A view of the summer garden in the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE area at LG's exhibition

Seamless simplicity meets innovative technology: The SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE offers uncompromising performance with breathtaking beauty, proposing a stylish yet practical solution to your luxury kitchen needs.

Spending time in the kitchen is about so much more than cooking alone: It’s a place to socialise, create, eat, drink and delight in the common theme that brings everyone together: food.

Nevertheless, with modern life getting busier than ever, the perfect kitchen also needs to have functionality that prioritises convenience. That’s why the built-in SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE has been designed for the creators - the master chefs, the home-cooks, the bakers, the sommeliers – for those who thrive on entertaining guests in a contemporary, connected and innovative space. 

The SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE is the luxury kitchen of the future, now.

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but these days, connectivity is at the centre of our increasingly demanding lives. That’s why the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE is powered by its very own app, enabling you to be in control your kitchen no matter where or how busy you are.

With a global focus on the plot-to-plate mentality, the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE has been devised to respect all stages of food creation - from growing and nurturing to chopping and cooking. The flexibility of the cooking environment, the functionality of the appliances and the ability to collaborate with fellow luxury kitchen appliance companies allows the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE to grow and develop as you do.

Highlights of the IFA showcase

The IFA event will showcase the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE in four different sections to provide inspiration for a variety of culinary desires.

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Designer’s Kitchen

This space has been created as a minimalistic yet luxurious area that lends itself well to both a cooking and entertaining hub. One of Europe’s leading furniture designers will take you through the integrated technology, which enables you to check tomorrow’s meeting schedule as you stir, steam, blanch and boil.

Florist’s Kitchen

Natural and contemporary, this area has been designed with the Smart Recipe App in mind. Our specialist florist will demonstrate how to control refrigerator functions like ice making and temperature, as well as checking the dishwasher schedule with the help of the WK9 speaker with Google Assistant. The oven can also be preheated and timed with partner app, Innit. With all of these in check, the host will be available to top up the drinks and rearrange the floral centrepiece.

Chef’s Kitchen

The SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE has been designed for people who love food; whose passion for cooking and entertaining can be echoed in the stainless-steel fixtures and minimalistic finishings… but what’s a professional kitchen without a show-stopping demonstration zone? Join Michelin star chef, Kolja Kleeberg, as he puts the appliances to the test in his twice-daily cooking show at Villa di SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE.

With features that are invisible to the eye - like WiFi-enabled appliances and high-spec functionality – this space offers the most exceptional platform for chefs to create.

To respect the origins of the food, the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE includes a 48-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range with ergonomic handles plus induction, gas and steam modalities for the ultimate chef’s kitchen in the comfort of your own home.

Sommelier’s Kitchen

It’s a connoisseur’s dream to control a wine’s temperature at the touch of a button, which is why the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE Wine App is a game changer. A sommelier will demonstrate how you can remotely control the temperature and storage stipulations of your wine via the ThinQ Hub. You can also store pictures of wine labels in the app, receive food-pairing recommendations and advice about the best time to drink it.

Collaboration with Arclinea and Valcucine

Taste goes way beyond the palate, and that’s why the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE’s technology is artfully designed to match your lifestyle. With Italian design company, Arclinea, the traditional kitchen has been reimagined. Living spaces across Europe range from studio flats in residential buildings to manor houses in the countryside, and the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE has been designed with these variable living spaces in mind.

Valcucine has been at the forefront of innovative technology for decades, and their design elements offer a timeless aesthetic intended to last generations.

Both industry leaders in luxury kitchen appliance design, these brands have introduced a new line of furniture to compliment the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE. Clean and minimal, these premium designs simultaneously allow the appliances to shine by their own merit, yet also blend effortlessly with the environment.

Refrigerator Panorama Gallery

In the Panorama Gallery, a plethora of refrigerator options show how to store your food in a way that works for you.

Each integrated appliance can be adapted to your needs. Those who relish a minimalistic environment can hide their kitchen chaos behind their choice of panel or stainless-steel doors, while those who wish to display their homegrown produce or impressive wine collection can choose the InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator, with in-built technology that includes Amazon Alexa functionality.

This new-generation refrigerator informs you when your milk is ready to expire, can recommend an excellent cooking playlist and switch seamlessly to Energy Saving Mode when you’re out of the house. Thanks to the SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE app, you can check the contents of your fridge from anywhere, so you’ll never forget a vital ingredient again.

Garden Lounge

SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE’s architectural origin has been centred around the concept of a ‘courtyard.’ The Garden Lounge provides the perfect space in which to relax, unwind and rejuvenate, yet can also be the ideal entertaining space for friends and family. Thanks to the app, you can retreat to a private area that incorporates the healing power of nature while being able to control the temperature of the oven from your seat.

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