IFA 2018: LG puts best ultrawide gaming monitors in spotlight

By Adrian Back 02.09.2018

IFA 2018: A woman plays video games on an LG monitor, amongst the crowd at the exhibition

Enter the dedicated monitor area at IFA 2018, where LG has specifically designed their ultrawide gaming monitors to meet the needs of the most demanding gamer.

At a time when gaming has become a favourite pastime across generations, esports are contested in huge arenas and video games are live streamed to millions of fans across the globe, it is no surprise that LG’s monitor area at IFA 2018 has garnered plenty of interest.

Serious gamers understand that purchasing the best ultrawide gaming monitor will not just elevate the gaming experience to the next level, but also help them gain a competitive edge, whether it is beating a friend at FIFA or finally achieving that first coveted victory in PUBG.

Creating an immersive experience unlike any other is vital and that is why LG are showcasing a range of monitors that meet the needs of the most demanding gamer. These monitors deliver in every aspect, from the sharpest screen resolutions and highest refresh rates to wide viewing angles and motion blur reduction.

Get the edge on the competition

For those wishing to emulate FaZe Clan or OpTic Gaming, securing a monitor tailored specifically for gaming can make all the difference. The newest release from LG, which is on show here at IFA 2018, is the 34GK950G 34" 21:9 UltraWide™ Curved Gaming Monitor.

One of the highest spec monitors on the market, the G-SYNC™ technology and high refresh rate of 120Hz eliminates tearing and stuttering, greatly reducing input latency and delivering a smooth and seamless gaming experience. With a screen resolution of 3440 x 1440 and a 21:9 aspect ratio, gamers can see more information on the screen and gain a clear strategic advantage.

The monitor also features Dynamic Action Sync, which minimises input lag, while Black Stabiliser proves particularly helpful when playing a first person shooter game as snipers will be easy to spot, even when hiding in dark corners. The Crosshair function will also increase your accuracy as the point is fixed in the centre of the screen, meaning you have more chance of being on target.

The LG stand here at IFA 2018 is also showcasing the 32GK850G, which features an extreme high-speed refresh rate at 144Hz that smoothens even the most dynamic and fast-moving objects. This comes in particularly useful with racing games, thanks to objects being rendered incredibly quickly. Similarly, the 27GK750F features AMD FreeSync™ which eliminates stuttering that occur from the difference between a graphics card’s frame rate and a monitor’s refresh rate.

The future of gaming

While it is clear that gaming has gone mainstream, there is still plenty of room for it to grow. PC gaming gear continues to improve, video game visuals become even more realistic and the benefits of augmented reality becomes even clearer, ultimately meaning that gamers will invest in even more advanced hardware.

Certainly the future of gaming appears to be much more immersive and ultrawide gaming monitors will play a vital role in helping gamers lose themselves in an alternative reality, whether it is running through your enemies in Overwatch or scoring a last-minute winner in Rocket League.

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