LG at Mobile World Congress 2018

By Divya Sehgal 01.03.2018

A photo of people excited to see the new lg v30s thinq at mwc 2018 barcelona.

Learn about all our highlights from the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018. From announcing the upgraded version of the V30 smartphone to how Artificial Intelligence will take our mobile offering to the next level. Read on to see how we did at MWC!

Mobile World Congress, the world’s biggest mobile show just ended and once again, what a successful event it was for all of us at LG. From new smartphone launches to highlighting LG’s entire Artificial Intelligence technology, 2018 is a game changer for us and it all came together at MWC.

A photo of crowd experiencing lg's new smartphone line ups at mwc 2018 barcelona.

One of our main announcements came in the form of the new iteration of the V30, the LG V30S ThinQ smartphone – a phone that puts the mobile at the centre of your universe and makes everyday life easier with meaningful Artificial Intelligence. Speaking of which, AI (Artificial intelligence) was our main focus at this year’s Mobile World Congress. We focused on how AI technology could change your life with the one thing you use most in the world: Your mobile!

A new image of lg v30s thinq in dynamic angle showing the new platinium grey color.

We showcased how Artificial Intelligence can transform your world through three unique features on LG phones: Vision Recognition, Voice Recognition and Life Assistant. This “multimedia AI” is brought to you by AI CAM, QLens, Google Assistant and Home Appliance Control. And this formed the basis of our “theme zone” at the LG Mobile “V30S ThinQ Suite” at the MWC. It is through these core technologies that AI-enhanced mobile-centric life solutions are becoming reality.

We had the five sensory experience zones to drive home the point of how LG Mobile with the help of AI is set to make your life meaningful and add more value. To make sure that everyone who visited the LG exhibit got the full picture, we made sure that all their senses were activated with the five sensory experience zones of Multimedia AI, Design, Camera, Sound and VR (using Daydream view). It was truly captivating.

A photo of a man taking a photo of new lg q6 smartphone line up announced at mwc 2018 barcelona.

One of the main highlights of MWC for us is how we display our products. And this year was no different. We had large OLED signage display and interactive media wall so that visitors got a unique experience while visiting our booth. For example, visitors  registered on  the V30S ThinQ pod, placed at the entrance of the booth, which then showed their name and a welcome message on a massive FullVision interactive media wall. At the same time, we had the V30S ThinQ suite where visitors not only saw the smartphone but also experienced how their lives could get that much more convenient with the help of Google Assistant.

The entire space was designed like a premium art gallery and used a lighting system to enhance a unique range of low saturation colours. This technique was used to replicate LG’s new smartphone’s full display. We positioned a photo studio  for visitors to take pictures to show the effectiveness of  “Bright Mode”. Visitors were treated to a Hi-Fi Quad DAC On vs Hi-Fi Quad DAC Off sound quality comparison.

Other than our Artificial Intelligence offering, we also had the LG SIGNATURE edition, K10, K8 and Tone headsets with Google Assistant on display.

So there you have it, a full-on immersive experience at Mobile World Congress 2018. Another successful year at MWC for all of us here at LG. But that’s not all; we have some more exciting news to share. There are new smartphones in the pipeline that will be introduced soon. Stay tuned and watch this space.

Life’s good!