IFA 2017: See you next year, IFA

By Nuno Cristino 24.11.2017

Two people who see a LG OLED TV in IFA 2017.

Another IFA has come and gone. Now it’s time to look back and take stock of this year’s edition.

IFA is always great, this year’s edition wasn’t an exception... Thousands of fairgoers were amazed by the slew of innovations LG showcased this year. Among the many highlights were the LG SIGNATURE Gallery, the SmartThinQ and V30 areas. With so many highlights it was hard to decide where to begin. So, let’s walk together along LG’s Pavilion and check out what else there was.

For starters there was the LG OLED Tunnel, the majestic entrance to LG’s pavilion, which was one of the most crowded areas of all of IFA. Fairgoers couldn’t get enough of it, taking thousands of pictures and hundreds of hours of videos. At the end of the tunnel, visitors would find themselves in front of the TV section. In a stylish living room environment that shows how seamless LG’s simple design fits any home, they could find the LG OLED TV 4k, understand how the Nano Cell display works and see the latest models from LG. However, the real showstopper was the LG SIGNATURE OLED W7 TV - The World’s Thinnest TV. As a visitor jokingly, yet accurately said “They deliver this TV by sliding it under the door.” Yes, it’s that thin!

A side view image of LG display in LG IFA 2017.

Joking aside, what wasn’t a punch line was the performance of the LG Dolby Atmos Soundbar. Obviously, words cannot describe the amazing clarity and depth of sound it provides.  So, we didn’t. Instead, we invited visitors to comfortably sit in one of the two “living rooms” and hear the full 360º surround sound experience. The result? We can’t really tell, as people were left speechless!

Who certainly wasn’t speechless was the younger crowd as they arrived the LG Gaming Monitors. There they could see and, most importantly, test the UltraWide monitors, that provide the most immersive gaming experience ever. Such an immersive experience that some of the gamers decided not to visit any other area and start a LAN party there instead.

Of course, the V30 had a big presence there as well. After being unveiled the day before the IFA, fairgoers could see and more important, experiment it. In a shooting set on location, visitors could be the director of their own movie while testing the V30’s unique Cine Video mode.

Continuing through LG’s Pavilion you would find the LG PJ9 wireless portable speaker. Although the PJ9 has a battery runtime of about 10 hours and an incredible sound quality, what impressed visitors the most was… its magic. That’s right, magic! When switched on, the LG PJ9 hovers over its Levitation Station in a fantastic magic show.

Next to it, was another visitors’ favourite: The LG Studio. The LG Studio is a very modern kitchen where visitors could not only see, but also taste what that kitchen is capable of. Michelin Star Chef Kolja Kleeberg pampered visitors with 3 courses meals, quickly done in no more than 20 minutes.

Bellies sufficiently full, visitors could go get a bit of exercise by testing out the extremely powerful LG CordZero. Really just a bit, as the follow me functionality of the LG CordZero follows you wherever you go, making vacuum cleaning as easy and effortless as it gets. As we’re already talking about cleaning, it’s worth also mentioning the LG PuriCare area, which showcased the latest innovations in everyday 360º air purification. Finally, visitors could play with the LG Q6 and try the incredible line of headphones, LG Tone, with a neat cord system that makes it almost impossible to tangle.

Two chefs who cooks some food in LG IFA 2017.

Phew! That was an intense IFA. Nevertheless, we are very happy to see people loved and embraced the latest array of LG innovations. It’s great that year after year LG keeps surprising and leading the industry in technologic pioneering and excellence.

See you next year, IFA.

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