Urban art cuisine LG SIGNATURE: The taste event in Hamburg

By LG Germany 23.01.2017

An image of lg signature urban cuisine event in Hamburg

LG SIGNATURE invited bloggers and journalists from all over Germany to an exclusive tasting event in Hamburg at the beginning of December. The event took place at Le Canard, one of the top culinary destinations in Hamburg. And two of the most famous star chefs in Germany were there!

What’s the best way to celebrate the launch of an absolute premium lifestyle product line? With an exclusive event that matches the LG SIGNATURE character very well. And it was a phenomenal success. To celebrate the evening in style at the Hamburg Le Canard gourmet restaurant, none other than the star chefs Sarah Henke and Ali Güngörmüs were present to demonstrate their magical cooking skills to guests.

The exclusively created menu transformed the impressive LG SIGNATURE design concept – purist, clear-cut style and simplicity – into an extraordinary taste experience. Beforehand, the guests were allowed to try their own hand and prove their culinary skills at several stations.

Subsequently, there were informative "Taste and Design" discussions with the two star chefs and the LG SIGNATURE experts, where Ali Güngörmüs talked about the new LG SIGNATURE products and explained why "The Art of Eating" matches so well with his cooking philosophy. Have a look at the some of the highlights of the event:

In addition to the star chefs, journalists and bloggers in Hamburg this evening, a very special guest of honour was also present: Alex Ander Raab, the Managing Director of clic Design store in Stilwerk Hamburg who talked about the cooperation between LG SIGNATURE and clic and the positive reaction of his customers to premium products.

Life's Good!